I was going to write about my disdain for Waka "Fozzie Bear" Flaka, but I decided that its not worth my time.

Sure it wouldve been fun to write. Sure it wouldve been EXTREMELY easy to write. But why pick on the retarded kid? Its nearly halfway through 2010 and Im off my ignorant rapper soapbox. You know my opinion and if not, its well documented.

Instead I want to look forward to the rest of the year that is going to overshadow this fuckery.

Im calling it now. Mark my words too! Real hip-hop is returning.

All of my favorite artists, old and new, are dropping albums later this year. From Kanye to Lupe to Big Boi to Eminem to J.Cole to Drake to N.E.R.D. to Kid Cudi just to name a few.

THE most anticipated album in my book has got to be Kanye's. Ever since the hilarious Taylor Swift incident, [I nearly suffocated from laughing when it happened] Kanye has been through the shit. A failed tour, a self imposed exile, and a media lynching [strong word but white people was mad at that nig].

Hopefully he got rid of all that negativity and made some great music. From all reports Ive seen, he's going to be rapping again! Singing done and no more mullet. Check and Check. [by the way Im biggest K.West fan I know, but Im still allowed to be critical]

The second most anticipated and last album Im gunna talk about in this post [more on the other albums later] is Lupe's.


If you didnt know, Lupe has been a constant battle with Atlantic Records since he announced his "retirement." He was originally going to make a triple album to go out with a bang, but Atlantic said "FUCK that bullSHIT, we still have you under contract for more records and muhfucka you owe us."

Aaaaaaaand Lasers was born...kinda.

They still havent set a release date, which is insane considering that about 5 singles are out and the finished album was supposedly turned into Atlantic 2 months ago.

Setting him up to fail???

I dont know, but regardless of whatever happens the shit will be dope and it will sell.

So there you have it. What "it" is I dont know, but you got [for the most part] a positive and an informative post out of it. Hip-hop in its Essence and Real.

And that's "it".

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