JiiN's Chillllllly Monday

Ayyy what's up people... sorry about about last monday. I got caught up with work and other shiit. Anyways, I hope everyone had a awesome Christmas weekend like I did. Let's get to the point... I know everyone around the east coast got hit with some snow (EXCEPT MARYLAND... Fuckin GAYYY!!) so why not get some shoes that will be durable, weatherproof, and be stylish at the same time?! Nike just released the Nike ACG Air Max Fomposite Air Bakin (Black/ Black/ Metallic). I have tried on these shoes, and I must say they are very comfortable and sexy all around. They are retailed at $210.00 and can be found at any urban retailer.

OHHH yeah... if you guys missed out on the Air Jordan 'Cool Grey' XI (11) ...its not too late for you to get them. If you dont mind coughing up another $90 bucks... you can get yourself a pair at Uptempoair.com

Iighttt... there isn't much going on this week with fashion.. everything is just lame and boring or I just feel like posting cuz its the holidays... but I will be in full effect next week. I hope everyone has a dope ass New Year... deuces.

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