Moody's Point: Happy Birthday ChiLLLLLLL!!!

Wow. Who would've thought that a year and over 26,000 hits later I'd still be doing this. I just want to thank each and everyone of you regular readers and my team for rockin with me this long. This shit started off as a thought and is slowly becoming a well oiled machine. I have some big ideas for 2011 so stay tuned kids!

Typically Moody's Point will be a wrap up of the week in music. BUT since the year is quickly coming to a close, I want to take a look back at my favorite mixtapes of this year [in chronological order].

Earlier this year Dom Kennedy dropped the very impressive From The Westside With Love that initially I completely dismissed. I felt soooo dumb when I discovered how much of a banger it was. This was for a while my favorite tape for a long time, but then Mr. Khalifa came along.

Kush & Orange Juice shut the internet down. LITERALLY. It crashed servers because his cult followers downloaded the fuck out of it [myself included #TGOD!!!]. Twitter was very taylor'd that day. Besides all the hype, there was quality music on it. I still bump In the Cut.

This was probably the most complete mixtape, musically, of the year. I was an insta-fan after the intro. Chasin' the letter. Phil Ade will probably have a monster 2011. Callin it now.

Wale's sequel to one of my all time favorites also shut servers down. #MoreAboutNothing trended for days. Black and Gold bangs in my skull candys every now and then. I might watch some Seinfeld after I finish this.

BOI! This tape can only be described as dope. Just a bunch of high quality dopeness. The Final Hour is my SHIT! Can't wait till the album drops next year. Another guy thats going to have a monster 2011. Callin it now.

DISCLAIMER: These are MY favorite. There are other great tapes too, but these are the ones I vibed to hardcore. If you got one that you felt I left off drop a comment and I'll argue with you :).

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