New Year's Eve Eve Catch-Up Post

Obviously Ive not been posting that much over the past couple weeks. BUT, I return bearing gifts of dopeness for all the cool kids of the world.

Rhymefest - Super Guy Feat. Killa Mike

This is a great song for hip-hop fans/comic book nerds. Im not a comic nerd but I watched the hell outta those cartoons as a kids. The beat is incredibly creative too. Listen for yourself.

H.O.P.E. - Compton's Finest Feat. Kendrick Lamar

The title says it all on this collab of West Coast greatness. Kendrick is dope as hell. #NuffSed

XV - 2015

Crazy beat, keep an ear out for the mentions of 7 "L's". ChiLLLLLLL is all over the place! Maybe not but its still cool to hear shit like that. Listen for yourself.

Eminem - Syllables Feat. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Curtis, Cashis & Stat Quo

A great song on the state of hip-hop and the little kids that dont know shit about shit. Em cant NOT kill everything he's on so its another automatic listen. Check it out.

Now I cant end this post without a little eye candy so after the break peep the next cover of KING mag featuring Ms. Nicki Minaj. Damn she's fine...

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