New Year's Eve Party Playlist Starter Kit

Tryna figure out what to play at your party to get shit poppin? Dont want to play a bunch of mindless radio shit but still want people to dance?

I dont know about you but while I want to maintain my musical integrity, sometimes I just want to grind on some bitties. Well, Ive developed a starter kit that will avoid the latest Waka [with the exception of no hands lol] or Plies song but will definitely get people dancin'.

New Year's made me think of this but you can use this for any party. Add you favorite party songs in the comments and maybe by the next party I'll put together an official ChiLLLLLLL Party Mixtape/Playlist. Sound good?! Great. On to the music!

Shoutout to Russell @rstone514 for the first and probably best party song of 2010 'No Hands'.

Then how about a little Wiz Khalifa 'Black & Yellow' and 'In The Cut'.

Now that you got some 2010 banger outta the way take it old school for a bit with Montell Jordan 'This Is How We Do It'

And while your in the past keep it there with some Snoop 'Gin & Juice' then fast forward to 'New Year's Eve'

Then some Drake 'Fancy' for the ladiessssss lol.

Well that should be a good start. Dont forget, if your party is dying, DMX's 'Up In Here' will still set shit off. Trust me lol. Leave your party favs in the comments. Since this is my last post of 2010, Happy New Year's kids!

Rage hard, smoke good, fuck mediocre. ;)

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