Common At The White House

I have not been on my soapbox in a while so I think this is really overdue.

Really Fox News?! Really?!

Of all the issues that should be more relevant than this, you choose to go after a pretty upstanding rapper for being invited to a POETRY reading? You guys really love displaying you ineptitude for journalism. What did you think he was gunna do? Spit his "Bitch In You" diss? This is just another example of how Fox News loves to stir up nonsensical controversy.If Bob Dylan performed NOBODY wouldve even known. Are they that desperate to bad mouth the President after he basically assured himself of a re-election? Fox News is racist, ignorant and full of fuck heads.

Ahhhh, I feel better now.

P.S. - I give less than 3.14 fucks about what you think.

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