The Dream - 1977 [Free Album]

There is a lot of label controversy, but fuck all that stuff, The Dream is one of my favorite producers out there and I find his music to be dope. Click the pic to download and listen for yourself.

So I listened to it all the way through and for a The Dream album is was ok. It wasn't as dynamic as others. It sounded like his version of an 808s & Heartbreak-ish album. It started out VERY angry, seemingly at a certain DMV native [Christina Milian]. On one of the tracks there's a "fuck you woman" chant that felt aimed at her. He even went as far as to get a chick [Casha] who has almost the exact same voice as her to sing a couple hooks and a cover song. If I didn't know any better I'd think was Ms. Milian! Idk. The production was dope, as always, and he uses a lot of auto-tune. I don't even mind that much because he was one of the first of my generation to use it. Other shaft straddlers ruined it. Overall, he sang about a bunch of emotional shit. It's not my personal favorite, but its not bad at all. Listen for yourself.

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