Editorial: Best Weekend of the Summer Part 1

I normally don't talk much about myself because normally nobody really gives a fuck, but this weekend was full of amazing shit that I need to share. PLUS I haven't really written anything of substance in a while and it's long overdue. There are no pictures so my literary skills will have to suffice. So if reading is too much for you... ABORT ABORT ABORT!!! And I'm not talking about your ghost baby brother. Hit the jump for glimpse into the Best Weekend of the Summer!

My weekend started on Thursday [as does anyone's my age does, duhhh] when I checked my email to find that my access had been granted for an event Saturday.


I never win in life so the fact that my access was granted to anything, ESPECIALLY something free and cool, was a feat in itself. But more on that later.

That night I went out to the bar with some friends and TimTrees influenced me to go to this Kendrick Lamar: Don't Wuwwy show in DC Friday night. I'm glad he did. Phil Ade was on deck to perform as well. If you're a fan of the site you know that we support of these guys heavily. I was completely in and excited to go to back to back events of relatively underground artists that I have been following for years.

Fast Forward: Friday Night.

After getting off to a late start [due to a white guy, go figure lol] myself, TimTrees, and another homie headed down to the show. It was a bumpy ride on Georgia Ave in the low riding sports vehicle but EVENTUALLY we made it down to the 9:30 Club. It was my first time at the venue and I was thoroughly impressed by the space. Huge pit area, an upstairs level, and even an upstairs secondary bar [remember this bar, as it will come back into play]. We were late so we went to the upper lever, fortunately there is no such thing as a bad spot in the joint so we chillllllled, ordered drinks, and watched the under-performing opening acts.

The time came for Phil Ade to perform. I expected to see this roaring ovation from a hometown crowd, excited to see the guy that reps the area hardcore with a serious buzz. That didn't happen. He went through all of my favorite tracks including "Monte Carlo Dreams" off of A Different World and a few from The Letterman, but the crowd just wasn't with it. We came to the conclusion that the crowd was just tired of the MANY opening acts and just wanted to see Mr. Lamar at that point. It was a disappointing reaction, but the performance was amazing for an unworthy crowd [in my opinion]. After Phil there was one more act then Kendrick hit the stage.


Ok, now here's where we pause the story to acknowledge a cool happening outside of the entertainment on stage. We stayed by the upper bar in the upper level. As Kendrick's set was starting I turn around [because I am a naturally paranoid person] and I see a guy with a towel on his head 5 feet away at the bar. Since I doubted many terrorists listened to hip-hop, I wasn't afraid to look again and it turns out it was Mr. Phil Ade. Now, at this point I was faced with a potentially awkward/thirst apparent moment. So instead of being THAT guy I didn't say anything to him, thinking that it was the best move at the time. Only to find out later from him via twitter that i should have. FAIL.


From the moment #Section80 was projected over the stage, it was very apparent who the crowd really wanted to see. His name, was Kendrick. It was Kendrick's first performance in the DMV and I guess it was long overdue because the place was packed. He went through some Overly Dedicated, a few singles, and #Section80. A highlight for me was his performance of "The Spiteful Chant" in which he started from the floor and got up as the song went on. It was cool as hell to hear an ENTIRE venue of men and women, boys and girls absolutely SCREAMING "Suck My Dick!" [the chorus to the song]. It was a truly amazing show that could only be followed by an encore performance of HiiiPower.

How can you top that kind of show T.Moody?????

How about a free, invite only Wale concert provided by Heineken? That story of my access being granted to the green carpet treatment will be out later today or tomorrow. At the moment I think you've read enough of my bullshit. So stay tuned for the conclusion of this epic weekend of mine coming soon.

DISCLAIMER: This summation doesn't include any illegal activities that may or may not have occurred. So fill in any illegal activities that you think that would fit into the story. 

...If anything illegal did happen, it might have happened after the concert while driving through the city of DC on some baller shit. Somebody may have passed out in the passengers seat as well, but this is all speculation and not fact.

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