DMV Spotlight: Upperthinking

Check out my homie's new Fall clothing line. They have a bunch of dope stuff including sweatshirts that I wouldn't mind pimpin' if a large one happened to fall into my lap [wink, wink lol]. Support local business and check out their story.

Founded by four men collectively passionate about art, culture, education and entrepreneurialism, Upperthinking is a DMV-based brand whose audience comprises those who love and appreciate what happens when one fuses the styles of urban culture with those of business and professionalism. The brand’s mission states: “A man’s clothes are a reflection of his state of mind; they are his voice before he ever speaks a word. We not only strive to inspire the words the garment speaks, but express the ideologies of the men who wear them. This is the definition of ‘Upperthinking.’”
 The inaugural line, which is available via the Upperthinking website, includes t-shirts and crew neck sweatshirts fit for any gentleman who identifies with and lives the Upperthinking lifestyle. The Upperthinking store is located at store.upperthinking.com. Upperthinking is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Upperthinking and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Upperthinking.

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