The Genesis

DISCLAIMER: I was accosted [look up that definition cuz my vocab game is ferocious] by the team to write more than "We like to post dope shit." So as a "f**k you" to them I wrote an insanely long about us page that they will also give me shit for. That is all. - T.Moody

In The Beginning [too blasphemous????? f**k it]...

I guess it all started with a lustful look in my fathers eyes...

...wait too far back...

I guess it really all starts in either 1999 or 2000 or 2001 [dont remember exactly] when I was watching MTV and I saw the then new artist Kanye West discussing the Napster controversy about illegal downloads. Mr. West said that he invites people to download his shit and if you like it, you should support him as an artist by buying it. Ive lived my musical life by this mantra and I think it sparked my initial interest in the connection between music and the internet. 

Fast Forward...Highschool...

I got really into having the new music first and putting other people on to it. I knew what blogs were but I didnt really go to them and didnt need to [limewire era]. The first real blog I started paying attention to was A site based in my mom's hometown of Chicago. They always had [and still have] the hottest shit out of Chi-Town and around the nation. The doors of the hip-hop blog kingdom had been opened [ quite similar to how the vagina of Kim Kardashian is open to black entertainers].

Fast Forward...Freshman Year In College...

I had a paper to write for English. A thousand word informative essay on an issue that we really care about. The best ones out of the class were to be posted on our class blog. It was by far the easiest thing I'd ever written and turned out to be the first installment of my "What Happened To H.E.R?" series. I was selected and I got tons of possitive feedback. I knew I could start my own blog, share my opinion on Hip-Hop, and share new shit that I find dope.

I started sharing stuff on Facebook amongst my friends by posting links. I told K.Allen that I was eventually going to start a blog because basically thats what I had been doing already. So we started talking about the things we would post, some blog names and segments. BUT! Im an extremely lazy person and I never got around to doing it for damn near another year.

Fast Forward...December 11th, 2009...

This was my "fuck it im finally gunna do it" day. 

I made a google account and then a blogger account and several other miscellaneous accounts. K.Allen and I discussed several names. But I disregarded those and began to think about what, in one word, could describe my vibe and what I could identify with the most. Chill popped into my head. Everyone I knew had been using it for years and it turned into an actual saying amongst us [shout out to steve & linwood lmao]. ChiLLLLLLL was born.

The Team:

Me [T.Moody] - Lustful Look and Founder

K.Allen - We met in high school and have been pals for a while now. We have [for the most part] the exact same musical tastes and it was a no brainer making him a writer. He finds shit and I find shit and together we shit on yall with some of the dopest music posts out there.

JiiN - We met in high school and going back to 9th grade he has easily been THE freshest dude I have the pleasure of knowing. From shoes [his kick game is insane] to clothes, he has fashion on LOCK. Oh, by the way, he's a SICK nasty artist and you will see some of his work very soon.

devon. - Me and this guy go back to middle school band days and is one of my closest friends [no hetero]. He likes way different music than me [that I appreciate but I wouldnt put on my iPod]. He attracts a broader audience other than just hip-hop heads making us well rounded. He's a skater too so look out for dope skate shit.

TimTrees - This is one wild dude. We met in high school and from day one he had me laughing constantly. He loves dope shit as much as the rest of us. A budding photographer [be on the lookout for some crazy pics] and a automotive enthusiast in addition to his taste in music, Tim brings another unique element to ChiLLLLLLL.

Manic_Castro - This guy has a musical knowledge and library that will make your fucking head spin. Expect a different flavor from him and prepare to have you mind blown regularly. Plus his primary objective is to get people insanely intoxicated [myself included]. Welcome aboard sir.

Well now that Ive hopped off these guy's nuts I just want all of you to know that I love doing this and it is a passion of mine. As long as I have a connection, you will have access to the dopest shit on the internet. I want YOU to be a part of my group of friends that I put on to new shit. I speak my mind and write as if I were talking to you. Yes, I really do curse a lot and I am very fond of dirty jokes.

To make a long story short...

We like to post dope shit. ┌П┐(-_-)┌П┐